Baul Shad SH39 Burgman 125 con respaldo
Baul Shad SH39 Burgman 125 con respaldo

Baul Shad SH39 Burgman 125 with backrest

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Kit of supports and Baul Shad SH39 Burgman 125 with back of 39 liters, carbon color and with back included.

Baul Shad SH39 Burgman 125 with carbon-backed backrest, bike-specific hardware and backrest for gift companions.

Shader bracket kit specific to Burgman Uh125 2007/2015 Uh200 2007/2013 Burgman R 125 2011/2013

The trunks with specific supports for motorcycle are our specialty and the hand of Shad we bring you one of the trunks moreinteresting that exist for scooters, maxiscooters and motorcycles of small displacement or that require a little extra space for the transport without having to resort to the greater ranges. It is neither more nor less than the popular Shad SH39 with the carbon color overlay and specific backing for regal companionor. A Top Case with enough capacity to house in its interior an integral helmet and another Jet open thanks to the 39 liters of volume that offers us. The aesthetics and design of this rear trunk has been carefully cared for and adapted to modern motorcycles and times, where rounded shapes andsmall aggressive lines are an element to emphasize.


-39 liters capacity.

-Resistant to water and impacts.

-Includes anchorage grid and specific supports for the motorcycle.

-Interval cap in imitation e; n carbon included in the pack as a gift.

"Two sets of keys.

-Handle system for transport by hand.

-Measures Width 51 / Height 32 / Bottom 43.

- Specific companion wheel D0B39100 included.

tify; ">

Optional Accessories:

-Introduction of interchangeable covers in different colors (carbon color included in the pack)

-Kit brake light to install on the grill D0B40KL

Every day we are more the ones that form the group of urban drivers with motorcycle forthe transport by city, and every day that passes we miss more of extra space besides the trunk of our motorcycle. Our commitment on Eurobikes is that your daily life is as comfortable as possible and that is why we bring you our SH39 trunk packs with supportare specific by bike. All thought, all exposed for you and also, as always, at the best possible price.

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