Castrol Power1 10w40 4T 4L 01
Castrol Power1 10w40 4T 4L 01

Castrol Power1 10w40 4T 4L

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Castrol offers us an oil called power 1, a semi-synthetic 10w40 oil made in 4 liter containers that does not offer a great motorcycle oil.

Oil with a trizone technology designed for our engine, in Spain a leading product for sale in value for money.

Motorcycle oil Castrol Power 1 4T 10W40 is an advanced premium quality lubricant developed for the latest generation of 4 - stroke engines of motorcycles.

Castrol Power 1 4T Oil with Power Release Formula is designed specifically for motorists who enjoy the riding experience. Its formulation Power Release Formuit is aimed at ensuring that your motorcycle delivers maximum power in a sustained manner even at high rpm, thereby offering a significant advantage over other motorcycle engine lubricants.

In addition, it has the advantage of Castrol TrizoneTM Technology which ensures a complete protective performance.

Castrol Power 1 4T Oil with Power Release Formula reduces internal engine losses due to friction, whileat the same time offers an optimum performance of the wet clutch ensuring an efficient transmission of power to the rear wheel.

Castrol Power 1 4T oil designed to perform.

Castrol Power 1 4W 10W40 Oil is designed to optimize the performance and protection of modern motorcycles where an API SJ and JASO MA2 grade lubricant is recommended.

Main Advantages:

  • Formu Lubricantfor 4-stroke motorcycles.

  • Tested and tested to provide an improvement in acceleration levels from the moment the throttle is triggered.

  • Rapid fluidity reduces internal engine losses by reducing internal friction of the engine.

  • TrizoneTM technology for effective protection of the engine, clutch and gears.

  • The data obtainedin tests show how Castrol Power 1 4T 10W40 gets a 6.9% performance improvement during acceleration compared to a general 20W50 lubricant on the market.

Typical Properties

  • Relative Density @ 15C ASTM D4052 g / ml 0.873
  • Kinematic Viscosity 100C ASTM D445 mm² / s 13.5
  • Viscosity, CCS-25C (10W) ASTM D5293 mPa.s (cP) 5000
  • Kinematic Viscosity 40C ASTM D445 mm² / s 66
  • Viscosity Index ASTM D2270 None 145
  • Flash Point, PMCC ASTM D93 ° C 207
  • Sulfated Ash ASTM D874% wt 1.1

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Customer Reviews:

Armando:05-04-2018 Compra verificada

"Bom Trabalho ,Entrega Rápida,Ganharam mais um clienteRecomendo bons profissionais. "

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Jose :09-02-2018 Compra verificada

"Todo correcto, muy rapido el envio lo recomiendo"

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Alfonso:25-05-2018 Compra verificada

"Muy buen aceite,la entrega fue rápida y además todo muy bien protegido,lo recomiendo 100 % , gracias"

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Francisco:17-05-2018 Compra verificada

"Entrega rápida y buen precio."

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