Casco Schuberth E1 Gravity Amarillo
Casco Schuberth E1 Gravity Amarillo

Helmet Schuberth E1 Gravity Yellow

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Modular helmet Schuberth E1 Gravity yellow, a high-end modular helmet with Trail accessories to make your routes under the best conditions.

The helmet Schuberth E1 has the recognized virtues of the C3 Pro, but with the option of the most ventilated chin and the off road visor.


As we already know, this is a C3 Pro in essence, with all its virtues, but with a more trail, with an air of adventure, and with some peculiarities.

The outer shell of the E1 is offered in two helmet sizes and combines an optimal aerodynamic design with excellent protection. It is manufactured with the Schuberth compression molding process, which provides great stability and low weight.

  • Shell material: Fiber STRONG

  • The SCHUBERTH technology of the shell of the helmet allows to reduce the weight to very low levels

  • Fiberglass, to which a special resin is added, is compressed under high pressure vacuum conditions to form a shell of exceptional strength

The interior of the helmet is alsohe has taken care to the maximum, something usual in the German firm, and in this case he has been equipped with Coolmax fabric. If to this known material, we join the greater ventilation in the chin guard, the result can only be optimal. The combination of carefully selected COOLMAX® and Thermocool® materials and the additional incorporation of Interpower® coatings also give the inner lining a highly efficient cooling system.and evacuation of moisture.

  • COOLMAX® padding system, completely removable and washable (by hand, 30 ° C)

  • Optimized fit • Adjustable for efficient ventilation

  • Adaptable for summer and winter

  • Anti-allergenic

  • Antibacterial

  • Removable cheek and forehead pads, very comfortables The inner shell made of special EPS foam and equipped with a modular design, to offer the maximum guarantee of shock absorption. Its complex segmentation design guarantees advanced absorption and distribution of forces and maximum level of security.

  • Made with specially prepared EPS foam

  • A complex multi-zone foam padding structure allows forto optimal absorption of impacts

As for the specific ventilation that it incorporates in the chin, it provides a greater flow when we need or want it. This is common in off-road models, since it is assumed that our effort to drive by tracks is superior, and it is very likely that we need more oxygen, in addition to adding a removable and washable filter that will help to clean theair in dirty and / or dusty conditions. The most innovative is the visor that comes fully articulated in peak, being able to adjust in three positions, independent of the face mask and the chin, apart from the simplicity to disassemble any of the pieces. The screen equipped with the Pinlock® Visor that prevents fogging:

  • Totally free of condensation, thanks to its double layer technology

  • <p> Position for city driving, to enjoy maximum ventilation at low speed

The mechanical system of the viewfinder makes changing the viewfinder extremely fast and simple and without the need for tools. Integrated sun visor Thanks to the sun visor you can adjust the vision quickly and easily.Individuated, adapting to the conditions of light. It is integrated in the shell of the helmet and is retractable.

Pre-installation of the SRC-System system:

The E1 is equipped to accommodate the SCHUBERTH SRC-System (sold separately).

For better radio reception, the E1 is equipped with two integrated antennas to boost FM and Bluetooth reception.

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