Casco Schuberth C4 Spark gris mate
Casco Schuberth C4 Spark gris mate

Helmet Schuberth C4 Spark Matt Gray

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Schuberth C4 Spark modular helmet in matt gray, made of fiberglass and resin. Extremely silent and with high-end features.

Modular helmet Schuberth C4, the most compact and silent modular of the market comes once again from the hand of Schuberth, specialists in helmets of the highest performance for all sectors.

With the Schuberth C4 modular helmet , the prestigious brand brings us a model with a modern design and more compact than its predecessor. The new C4 is words from the brand itself: "totally different from the flip-up helmets to which it is accustomed." A new reference for / helmets-of-moto / modular "> modular helmets , compact, aerodynamic and a large field of vision thanks to its wide screen.The Schuberth C4 also comes with a micrometric locking system.

The Direct Fiber Processing (DFP) process is an innovation of SCHUBERTH that results in a minimum weight and optimum stability. The machinery cuts einyecta of a mold fiberglass thread and adds resin, this mixture cooked under pressure forms a light and extremely resistant and stable shell.

The internal structure of the Schuberth C4 is formed by different parts achieving a high absorption of impacts and therefore greater safety. The interior of the modular helmet C4They are manufactured with the ShinyTex® patent that stands out for its fit and comfort. The fabric is washable and antibacterial. The upper pads do not have sewing, includes space to wear glasses comfortably.

The modular helmet Schuberth C4 brings with it a complex ventilation system through different channels, among them orifIn the forehead and chin, they achieve superior cooling and keep the head at an optimal temperature.

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