Alforjas Laterales Shad E48
Alforjas Laterales Shad E48

Shad E48 Side Saddlebags

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The Shad E-48 side saddlebags are semi-expandable bags with a capacity of 20 and 26 liters each in its open form.

The E-48 have two different anchorage systems, one universal with straps included in the saddlebags and another specific by motorcycle model, below we will leave you the list of models.

Shad E48 Rigid Saddlebag Set, the perfect complement to carry luggage on Naked and Supersport bikes. With these jas "title =" Saddlebags for motorcycle "> side saddlebags you will have at your disposal 20 or 26 liters capacity for saddle bags where you can carry all your luggage in a simple and comfortable.

The saddlebags Shad E48 features a rigid structure and inner straps that will allow you to carry all the cargo neatly tied up and perfectly distributed inside the saddlebag space.e-bike / saddlebags "title =" Saddlebags for motorcycle "> saddlebags you have the possibility to mount them by means of their straps directly in the armchair of the motorcycle or if you opt for something more of fixation you can acquire separately a set of supports specific for your motorcycle and fix thembefore the velcros that bring the saddlebags .

The Shad E48 saddlebags also come with bowlswaterproof to cover them in case it catch us a shower, preventing the water from passing through and shut in the saddlebags and finish wetting our luggage. They also have thermally sealed waterproof belts in case the rain is light to avoid having to mount the waterproof bags.

Its capacity varies depending on the position quand select (these saddlebags are extensible by a rack) and goes from 20 liters being contracted to 26 liters capacity (each side) once we open the zippers.


-Manufacture in polyester fabric.

-Constructionsemi-rigid thermoformed EVA reinforced on the sides with plastic.

- Waterproof zippers with buckles, allow opening of bags even with gloves on.

-Asa upper for an easy transport when disassembling them of the motorcycle.

-Including totally waterproof lining for both bags.

- double strap system per bag for a fixingion resistant and resistant to wind and vibrations.

-Measures 45x23x27 and capacity for 20 liters contracted or 26 liters expanded (each one)

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