Casco Shark Spartan Arguan Verde
Casco Shark Spartan Arguan Verde2
Casco Shark Spartan Arguan Verde3
Casco Shark Spartan Arguan Verde
Casco Shark Spartan Arguan Verde2
Casco Shark Spartan Arguan Verde3

Helmet Shark Spartan Arguan Verde

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Full-length helmet Shark Spartan Arguan Green

The new Shark Spartan Arguan Green Helmet built in fiber comes fully renovated, with sun visor and double ring closure.

Shark has chosen for the Spartan Arguan graphics a decoration consisting of a glossy black layer and a broad stripe in Kawasaki green color across the diagonal of the hull.

Shark has always been distinguished by offering a product of the highest quality and a unique and differentiated design. The new / Shark Spartan more than meets the eye, as we are faced with a very light fiberglass hull , oriented to the Sport touring due to the inclusion of thesunglasses with sun visor "> sunglasses folding and tremendously versatile thanks to the incorporation of two ailerons rear that more than complies your Redirect the air to dampen the turbulences in motion, so the noise is drastically reduced. The inclusion of the double ring system pathe closure will also give us the added safety we usually miss in these ranges of helmets .


Outer -Calota made fiber of extremely light glass.

> -Interior removable and washable, with antiseptic treatment made of natural bamboo fiber resulting in a very soft and comfortable padding.

-Easy fit with hole for those people who wear glasses.

-Pinlock anti-fog included.

-Close "title =" Helmets with double closing D "> double ring.

- Fixing system of the screen Autoseal System, the screen is fixed preventing the entry of water or wind.

-Detachable screen without tools easily and simply.

- Approximate weight 1290gr for the intermediate cap size.

<The Shark Spartan looks spectacular, aesthetically cared for in detail makes it impossible for us not to be attracted to it. But it is not only design of what this helmet can boast, because to get a lower weightat 1300gr in a helmet Sport touring with sun visor is the least deserving and the interiors of this Spartan are practically the best that the market currently offers. In short, a comfortable, safe and pretty helmet to have inaccount.

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