Casco Shark Spartan Rughed Amarillo Mate
Casco Shark Spartan Rughed Amarillo Mate

Helmet Shark Spartan Rughed Yellow Matte

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The Shark Spartan motorcycle helmet is now available on Eurobikes, a leading sales insurance, designed to offer maximum comfort.

The French brand Shark is branded with this launch to the market as it is a very expected helmet in the sector of two wheels.

The new Shark Spartan helmet has been designed with the CFD system, it is a digital simulation system that optimizes ventilation, aerodynamics, stability and maximum reduction of noise.

Shark has manufactured the new Spartan in aramid fiber in conjunction of multiaxial fibers, this gives the new Spartan a maximum protection but with a minimum weight, its lightness being oneof his key points for any pilot. The Spartan excels in every line of its design, lines that have been put to an end, there is nothing of chance in the design of the Spartan, everything has its motive, from the most imperceptible line to the flashy rear spoiler. It has the system of lateral fixations in the visor called Shark Skin, this system helps to reduce the noises produced by the wind that could be compared to the noiseor a whistle, quite annoying especially for long journeys and with which the Spartan will not have to endure.

The interior of the Spartan is anti-allergenic and totally removable, allowing with it its cleaning, being also washable. It has two rear spoilers, above the air outlets, its mission is to optimize aerodynamic wake, thereby avoiding turbulence and improving internal cooling due to better fluidityz outlet and humidity of the indoor hot air through the outlets. The screen of the new helmet Shark Spartan has the system of screen autoseal, this system adheres the screen to the helmet when closing, improving with it the soundproofing in addition to turning it sealed against the cold and against the water. It has an ultra-light integrated sun visor, increasing the weight of the hull minimally and thus conserving its lightness, also comes with the Pinlock systemincorporated and with the MaxVision Pinlock as standard. The locking system chosen by Shark for the Spartan has been the double buckle, a secure and comfortable locking system, has been designed to be able to use the helmet with sunglasses or sight without any problem, also comes prepared to use the Sharktooth communication system.

  • Made of fiber in combination with fiberglass multiaxial fibers.

  • If fin two sizes of cap to improve the fit in each size.

  • Ventilation system with front air inlets.

  • Two spoilers on the back that improve the interior air outlet, moisture and also reduce turbulence.

  • Screen with anti-scratch treatment.

  • Shark Skin side attachments to avoid annoying wind noise in the form of a whistle.

  • Disassembling of screen fast and simple, avoiding the use of tools.

  • Pinlock system installed.

  • Pinlock MaxVision included as standard.

  • Built-in solar display.

  • Anti-allergenic interior cushions made of natural bamboo fibers, completely removable and washable.

  • Interior sides designed to optimize the use of sunglasses or vision,is a system patented by Shark, Easy Fit.

  • Double buckle closure.

  • Ready to install the Sharktooth intercom system.

  • Approximate weight 1300 grams (depending on the size).

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