Cubrecarter SW Motech XT660 X y Rv
Cubrecarter SW Motech XT660 X y Rv

SW Motech XT660 X and R Cover

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SW Motech Aluminum Jacket for Yamaha XT660R and XT660X 2004 onwards.

Cover made of aluminum 4 mm thick SW Motech specific for Yamaha XT660R and XT660X 2004 onwards.

Applications: Yamaha XT660R and XT660X 2004 onwards.

The cubrecarter is one of the most important protection elements for all trail lovers, routes and stony trails. Our bikes in many cases come with the protection of the front lows fair, being generous, although luckily is something that has f & acThis is a solution because brands such as SW Motech, among others, offer very high quality crankcase protectors. With the SW Motech covert we will achieve a high level of protection for the lows of our motorcycles thanks to its construction in aluminum up to 5mm thick and we will give aunique touch to our motorcycle thanks to its superb and elegant design. Without doubt a great accessory for our motorcycle.

Compatible with:

  • YAMAHA XT660 X 660 2016
  • YAMAHA XT660 X 660 2015
  • YAMAHA XT660 X 660 2014
  • YAMAHA XT660 X 660 2013
  • YAMAHA XT660 X 660 2012
  • YAMAHA XT660 X 660 2011
  • YAMAHA XT660 X 660 2010
  • YAMAHA XT660 X 660 2009
  • YAMAHA XT660 X 660 2008
  • YAMAHA XT660 X 660 2007
  • YAMAHA XT660 X 660 2006
  • YAMAHA XT660 X 660 2005
  • YAMAHA XT660 X 660 2004
  • YAMAHA XT660 R 660 2016
  • YAMAHA XT660 R 660 2015
  • YAMAHA XT660 R 660 2014
  • YAMAHA XT660 R 660 2013
  • YAMAHA XT660 R 660 2012
  • YAMAHA XT660 R 660 2011
  • YAMAHA XT660 R 660 2010
  • YAMAHA XT660 R 660 2009
  • YAMAHA XT660 R 660 2008
  • YAMAHA XT660 R 660 2007
  • YAMAHA XT660 R 660 2006
  • YAMAHA XT660 R 660 2005
  • YAMAHA XT660 R 660 2004

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